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Tips for writing an entertaining music essay

Don’t know how to analyze a song for an essay? Or write an essay about music in general? Those questions are quite common when it comes to this discipline. Imagine that you’re in your English 101 class, and the teacher gives you such an assignment – becoming confused is quite easy in such a situation. However, there is no need for panic as a electronic music analysis essay is kind of similar to essays on entertainment, sort of. Anyway, I am going to provide you with some practical tips that will guide you through the process of writing an entertaining music essay!


Just like with any other topic, writing about music properly requires you to follow some steps. For example, if you’re writing entertainment essays, you want to begin with a sort of observation on what people find to be entertaining in a particular event. The same goes for music. Before writing, you should “observe” the piece you’re going to write about. So, pay close attention to your first impressions regarding a composition; the next step is to ask yourself a question – what particularly is causing me to pay attention to this music piece and when?

The most obvious thing to notice first is whether a composition has any sudden changes in dynamics and volume. You should also try to “observe” if a music piece has clearly defined transitions from one instrument to another. Are there different sections or the counting changes? As you can see, simple observation provides lots of things to think through, thus already creating a future backbone of your music analysis essay.


Let’s return to the entertainment example. After performing an observation for your entertainment essays, you should stay aware of the entertainment topics that have to be explored in the actual text. With all those questions gathered, you can now analyze the music piece. The observation stage sets your outline, and now you just need to listen to the composition several times and answer the questions! I should also stress out the importance of organizing your responses in a meaningful manner because answers to some questions might be interconnected. Some sections of a song may feature a distinct change in rhythm and timing, so you should remember that as well.

Here’s a simple list of potential things to analyze, as a bonus to those mentioned before. When speaking of an essay about music piece, you should always remember to double-check the lyrics – are they sophisticated and bring some deep meaning? What might be the motivation of the performer to write a composition? As you can see, it is quite easy to come up with things to analyze, especially when it comes to music!


Finally, just like with essays on entertainment, your analysis should be followed by some additional considerations. These considerations are rather technical in their nature. For example, think of your thesis statement – it should be a sentence or two with all the crucial information regarding your essay. A well-created thesis statement captures what your piece was about, what did you find out, and what conclusions did you make. You should also consider the style. If it’s a personal reflection, you might want to go for an entertaining essay on electronic music that explores your personal ideas regarding a music piece and how it could affect a potential listener. If it’s more of an analytical essay, you might want to lean towards a more formal writing style.

Now, we go to the easy part, kind of. As a student, you are familiar with how one should write an essay, but I will remind you of some important things nonetheless. First of all, the structure. A properly structured essay has to feature such basic things as an introductory paragraph that is concluded with a thesis statement. The next thing is your body of an essay. Remember – each paragraph has to open with a topic sentence that tells what you’re writing about in a particular paragraph. A concluding sentence is sort of a sum-up and transitionary element that leads to the next paragraph. Quite simple. Conclusion – the final part of an essay – has to feature a rephrased thesis statement, the sum-up of your findings, and actual conclusions. I should stress out the importance of avoiding adding any new information in conclusion.

Academic integrity is important. This statement means that you should never-ever plagiarize. If you’re using some sort of resource to find information on your personal writing, don’t be lazy and create a proper citation. This way, you’ll be able to show that you respect the work of others and do your research! Finally, you will just avoid any sort of problems after your essay gets checked on some plagiarism identification tool, so there’s a peace of mind factor.


So, as you can see, there are some basic rules to follow if you want to learn how to write an electronic music analysis paper. This sort of academic piece requires you to observe, analyze, and consider some things to create a ground for an actual essay. Music analysis essay should consider technical elements of the song or composition. It should also focus on the analysis of lyrics. Still, in the end, it is an essay, so the writing process is the same as with other disciplines. Remember – you just can’t cover everything in your essay, so think of what information is crucial for understanding a musical piece and work with it!


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