Victor Ruiz is back with ‘Freedom’ EP on Drumcode Records

Victor Ruiz had his debut on Drumcode Records, the label owned by Swedish Techno Don Adam Beyer, last year. Now the Brazilian DJ and producer is back with his latest release on Drumcode, the 4-track ‘Freedom‘ EP.

Ruiz’ made his Drumcode debut with ‘Nimbus‘ last year, a track that has enjoyed heavy support by Adam Beyer, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, and many many more artists and ever since has been on the rise in the techno scene. Some of his tracks have been featured in Drumcode’s A-Sides compilations series and are played by some of the biggest names around and is no stranger to festival stages, like Drumcode Festival.

The ‘Freedom‘ EP brings to light 4 new tracks, ‘Freedom‘, ‘Illusions‘, ‘Senses‘ as well as ‘Existence‘. Each of the tracks features unique elements that clearly differentiate each other while Ruiz remains true to his unique sound that we know from ‘Nimbus‘. He is combining heavy basslines with hypnotic elements like mystical vocals, creating unique records ready for these basement and warehouse parties, once clubs can reopen and festivals take place again.

Freedom‘ is now available for purchase as a Beatport exclusive and to stream on major streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify and is definitely worth a listen, so give it a go and enjoy the ride.

Image Credit: Victor Ruiz (Press)

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