World Club Dome throws drive-in rave

Obviously right now, no one can go out and celebrate raves and festivals in the usual way. Right now, the music industry is getting super creative with many virtual raves happening practically every day, making sure fans never get too bored whilst waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to be over. Recently though, there’s been a creative new development in the rave scene thanks to World Club Dome and BigCityBeats.

Known for throwing amazing festival events, World Club Dome, based in Germany, welcome thousands of party goers to witness the hottest DJs in the world. Now, thanks to their forward thinking initiative, they’ve managed to bring back the experience of seeing DJs in real life in a safe way. How, you may ask? Drive-in raves. That’s right! Taking the idea of drive-in cinemas and turning it upside down, they’ve taken it into the electronic music world and completely changed the game. Taking to the stage with German native DJ Le Shuuk and warmup DJs Tiefblau, Plastikfunk and Topic, this was the first in what will be many drive-in events to come with huge line-ups each time.

Complete with pyrotechnics and fireworks for the full show effect, a massive parking lot was decked out with ravers (who all stayed in their cars), and gave the authentic feel of a rave that we all miss so much. World Club Dome aren’t the only ones trying out this concept, though. In Denmark, singer-songwriter Mads Langer performed on a stage to an audience in their cars, with his set being transmitted by FM radio. For now, this looks like it may be the norm for live events, but it still offers fans a chance to see artists in person whilst also maintaining the social distancing rules.

For tickets to future drive-in World Club Dome events, click here.

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Posted by WORLD CLUB DOME on Friday, May 1, 2020

Image Credit: World Club Dome / Big City Beats via Official Facebook Page

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