Drive In

World Club Dome to bring drive-in event to Las Vegas

On 5-7th June, the Las Vegas Edition of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME was set to take place in the Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt. However the event was cancelled for reasons known around the world. Nevertheless, BigCityBeats CEO Bernd Breiter and his hardworking team, racked their brains looking to create a concept that would still allow WorldClubbers the opportunity to experience the glamour of World Club Dome – Las Vegas, but in guaranteed safety. Their final result was to combine real life and virtual reality and create a one of a kind World Club Dome – Las Vegas Edition. Three days, the largest club in the world across all mediums, all channels, stimulating senses all through the prism of live events and the power of the internet. Live from Mannheim, live from the Frankfurt Stadium Pool, and broadcasting around the world.

It begins on Friday June 5, 2020, which of course was the original opening day for the “Largest Club in the World”. The celebratory release of BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Vol 32 is being streamed at 6pm on, and at 8pm live on YOU.FM. On Saturday June 6, at exactly 12 noon, the huge live event will commence streaming, keen observers will have already realised that this is the exact time the gates of the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt would have swung open. To begin the event, all BCB.FM superstar DJs will share a symbolic handshake. Then as the evening approaches, a moment that no-one around the world could imagine.

Day 3 from 12 noon onwards, WorldClubbers can look forward to the spectacular finale of the alternative Las Vegas Edition. WCD Pool Sessions will broadcast their digital edition live from the Stadionbad in Frankfurt offering a handpicked selection of DJs and exclusive sets. The Pool Sessions promises to deliver a perfect summer’s day in the shape of outstanding music. And following the Pool Sessions at 6pm, the virtual Main Stage takes over, providing mesmerizing fireworks and of course top class DJs. The ultimate end to an incredible BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Digital Weekend 2020.


Image Credit: Jona on Unsplash

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