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Avicii legendary track ‘Wake Me Up’ turns 7 years old

Avicii legendary track ‘Wake Me Up‘, most probably the biggest track of the Swede’s majestic career and without a doubt, one of the most successful records in the electronic music history, is reaching a milestone by turning 7 years old today.

Since his passing over 2 years ago, many have been the recognitions that the music maestro has received coming from well beyond the electronic music scene. From fellow mainstream superstars to institutions and governments, all of them paid their respects and tributes to the deceased star. This gives an idea of how much of an icon and star Tim was. Avicii’s sound had that ability that more or less, everyone enjoyed. Understandably, most of his songs from ‘Levels‘ to ‘The Nights‘ and ‘Hey Brother‘ reached an unprecedented amount of success that you could spot any of these tracks being plaid practically everywhere.

However, from all his never-ending list of record breaking tunes, there was one song that specially stood out from the rest getting him to the category of legendary song. ‘Wake Me Up’ was that track. ‘Wake Me Up’ was one of those projects that meant a turning point for him as an artist and the electronic music industry as a whole. With a balanced mix of country and electronic music, not only this song trascended genres but went on to become one of the biggest tracks in music history. This song eventually positioned as the most streamed song in Spotify history and, although it no longer holds that prestige, it still is one of the most played songs ever with over a billion streams in total and a staggering number of three billion across all platforms (Spotify, Youtube…). According to the popular specialized British charting organization Official Charts Company, ‘Wake Me Up’ was overall the most streamed electronic music song of the decade.

7 years have passed but it still sounds as good as day 1. Listen to Avicii iconic song ‘Wake Me Up’ below:

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