Beatport adds ‘organic house/downtempo’ to its genres

Beatport has just added two new genres to its list of featured music: organic house/downtempo. The genres are characterized by slower tempos and more drum-forward beats and as Beatport has stated, it is an effort to “trend towards deeper, more meditative, and occasionally slower shades of house music in various music scenes around the world”.

While the addition of the new genres may leave some scratching their heads, the Beatport “organic house/downtempo” page is full of songs and styles and features artists such as Acid Pauli, Hraach, and Bedouin. Nestled under the short blurb of the genres page, ‘float with the sound of this new genre’, the subsection is filled with EPs from numerous artists, and special listening material for the unfamiliar ear. A new listener may find sounds similar to electronica, deep house and afro house tucked into the mix, providing a few more relaxed sounding tunes.

Raphael Pujol, Beatport’s Head of Curation, stated the following regarding the introduction to the new genres,

“We are thrilled to give the extra visibility to this music through the creation of the organic house / downtempo genre classification. This unique sound was scattered over 3 or 4 genres and made it very difficult for customers to find the music they love, and to give the amount of exposure they deserve to labels and artists”

For those who are curious and looking to expand their musical taste, you can find the Beatport Top 100 of organic house/downtempo here.

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