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Boris Brejcha discusses ‘Space Diver’ album, documentary of his life and more [Magazine Exclusive]

If you’re familiar with the techno genre, there’s no doubt that you’ll know the name Boris Brejcha. He’s an extremely pivotal name in the scene and is responsible for moving the techno world forward even further after the creation of the sub-genre ‘high- tech minimal’. There are not many artists that have achieved the same monumental success as him, so we talked to him to get more of an insight into his crazy career.

Your latest release ‘Violet Pill’ is fast becoming a fan favourite. Can you tell us what the creation process was like?

When we planned the upcoming releases, the singles, EP’s and the album, it was clear that we wanted to send out an EP right after the album. The songs from this release have been in my pipeline for quite some time. In the past, I collected many, many songs which I produced earlier, before we started to release one piece of music after another. “Violet Pill” and “On his way” I already played in my set last year and many fans have been waiting for the songs to be released. “Babamba” is a little bit older, but
I thought that these songs would fit well together and that’s why we chose them for the EP.

On the subject of new music, you released your new ten-track album “Space Diver”. What do you think of the incredible fan response to the album and what was it like to create?

I am truly happy about the great feedback from my fans. So many had to wait so long for this album. All tracks from this album are songs that I already played on my gigs last year. Only that they were unreleased. My fans already knew the songs very well and waited until they could hear them at home. I am relieved that the album is out now and that I have room to publish my newly produced songs directly. Then my fans will know the tracks BEFORE the gigs in the future.



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