CAB 3 releases multi-genre EP titled ‘Dirt Dub’: Listen

CAB 3 – or Caesar Augustvs Bassus III to give him his full title – is a mysterious artist who has a certain magnetic force surrounding him and his music which instantly draws people in. His unique sounds have left him with an ever-growing fanbase, and more and more people are starting to wonder who this artist is. The roman emperor can take on any genre such as drum & bass, trap, future bass, house and more and make something truly amazing out of it, and now his latest EP ‘Dirt Dub’ sees him take on multiple genres to show off what he’s capable of.

Released on his own creative platform RadHaz Records, CAB 3 has whipped up a few musical treats for us all to enjoy and they stand out as shining stars of their own. First up is the track ‘Doin’ it 4 Time’ and this is simply drum & bass in all of its glory. With a fast vocal hook to match the energetic speed of the entire record, the drop comes in to absolutely shake things up and take it all to a new level. Making you just want to go crazy on the dance floor, this is a perfect opener to the EP.

Next up we have EP title track ‘Dirt Dub (Say What?!)’ and with a new track comes a new genre, with this one being trap and future bass inspired. This one is truly phenomenal in the way that not many words can describe how great the track is. Bound to get stuck in your head extremely quickly, you’re not going to be able to shake this track off for a while after listening to it. For all you house lovers out there, closing track ‘Same’ will make your heart happy as you listen to the melodic and uplifting vocals placed within this track.

Overall, the EP is a brilliant body of work and you can listen to it on SoundCloud below as well as stream it on your chosen streaming service.

Image Credit: CAB 3

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