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In Our House We Are All Equal: The rise of Defected Records [Magazine Exclusive]

As we head deeper into 2020, the ever-evolving patterns and musical trends which lurk unpredictably from sub-genre to sub-genre in the world of dance music continue to spin in their formulaic ferris wheel style. But one label – through even the most blustery of storms – that has always resisted the urge to compromise their ethos, is that of Defected Records. Founded in 1998 by legendary industry figurehead Simon Dunmore, the UK imprint’s no-nonsense attitude towards high-quality gimmick-free house music has truly managed to stand the test of time. To do so over a full double-decade span – especially when many of their rival labels have since perished or faded into obscurity – is one thing. But to stand here, a full 22 years later, as arguably the leading light in the electronic music world, is an entirely more impressive achievement altogether.

So how did Defected grow from a small house-music label, into the giant behemoth we see before us today? How did the event series expand to every corner of the globe? And why is it that when it comes to spotting the world’s hottest forthcoming records, Defected are always ahead of the curve? Take the sticky-sweet-success of CamelPhat’s iconic hit ‘Cola, for example, which popped and fizzled its way to a GRAMMY nomination en route to securing platinum status in 2017. To find out more, we enlisted the aid of three key players in the Defected world:

Wez Saunders, the Managing Director of Defected. A man responsible for bringing you music and events across the Defected, Glitterbox and Classic Music Company brands.

Adrienne Bookbinder, A&R Manager. Adrienne’s record for success is second to none with a CV that speaks for itself, leading the charge on some of Ibiza’s most recent whoppers.

And Sam Divine. An international superstar DJ and producer, the host of the famous ‘Defected in the House’ radio show, and a true O.G of the entire Defected rags-to-riches tale. 



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