Diego Maciel

Diego Maciel delivers unique livestream set on one of the World Trade Center Montevideo Towers

Hailing from Uruguay, Diego Maciel is a DJ with a difference. Always wanting to changing lives with his music, he has touched the hearts of many whilst simultaneously providing them with good music to dance to. Always gathering large crowds of dedicated fans with his club residencies before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped touring, the virus hasn’t stopped him from thinking up ways to entertain his fanbase, and he’s come up with something unique. Definitely one of the biggest things he’s done in his career yet, he’s joined in on the livestream hype and did his most ambitious DJ set of his life.

The World Trade Center Montevideo building is the tallest in the country, and Diego Maciel decided to conquer it and do a unique DJ set from the heliport with an amazing scenic view of Montevideo and the bay. Not only was it for some great entertainment whilst everyone is locked away at home, but it was also for a great cause. Broadcasted on social media and local television networks in Uruguay, the money raised from the event went to a benefit for COVID-19, helping those affected most by the pandemic. Getting rich businesses involved in the charity too, the money definitely helped and Diego Maciel did his part, by entertaining and doing what he does best.

No one has done anything like this, and the Uruguay local has proven that he has what it takes to host events on a massive scale.


Image credit: Diego Maciel (Press)

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