Electronic music for studying concentration

Have an exam come up? Want to complete an assignment and can’t focus? Put in some good music, and start working on your essay! Surprised? Don’t be! It has been scientifically proven that music provides when you are trying to concentrate and focus.

When it comes to concentrating, studying, and focusing, the types of music and music genres vary. Previously, the common idea was that only classical, soft music could help you focus on your studies. However, this myth has been busted.

Music has been scientifically proven to provide help when you’re trying to focus, but what’s the best electric study music and techno music for concentration? Take a look at some of these tips to learn how to compile the best study playlist for your style and personality.

Let’s take a quick look at a few Youtube videos, Spotify Playlists, and relaxing electronic music for studying artists that you can play in the background while you are writing that difficult essay your professor assigned to you, and you just can’t seem to concentrate hard enough to complete it!

Electronic music that you can listen to

Seen athletes sit in the locker room before a big game, listening to electric study music? The right song is the one that gets you pumped and going. When you are tired of working and need motivation, progressive House, and relaxing electronic music for studying can really get you up and running.

You can take a look at 100 free essays for research paper writing in college while playing electronic music in the back to get access to free essay samples on various topics and examples to complete that difficult assignment your professor has assigned to you!

1.    House

The very first form of electronic music was House music, and it still remains very popular to this day.  It embraces gospel vocals and piano playing and mixes it with electronic beats and drums. The subgenres of House include Acid House, Deep House, Progressive House, and you can listen to this electric study music.

You can listen to Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, and Steve Silk Hurley if you want the best of House and techno study music.

2.    Techno

The second genre of relaxing electronic music for studying is Techno. It is a computerized sort of music with mechanical beats serving as its backbone. You can give Derrick May, Carl Craig, and Kevin Saunderson a whirl if you want the best of techno study music.

3.    Dubstep

The aggressive sound of Dubstep is based on the wild use of electronic instruments and 140 bpm tempos. You can listen to Dubstep hits from the likes of Skrillex, John Peel, Skream, and Phaeleh.

4.    DownTown – Jazzy HipHop

This is a great YouTube channel called Fantastic Music, and this is exactly what it provides you with. You can find Chillout, Lounge music, Lofi, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic techno study music and techno music for concentration and a lot more here! Just hit the play button and forget about the frustration and stress!

5.    EDM Study No Lyrics

This is a great playlist on Spotify that is full of amazing EDM. If you are looking for music with a beat, then you definitely have to give this one a look! As there are no lyrics, only the best background music for studying and techno music for concentration, you will not find yourself singing along to the songs, and your concentration will not break.

According to various researches, the best music for studying with concentration has a steady, repetitive pulse with a consistent beat, regardless of the genre. Been to a coffee shop and immediately felt at peace? Well, a part of it because of the soothing electronic music playing slowly in the back!

If you are looking for the best background music for studying music with a rhythmic beat, you should go for:

  •       Alpha Wave Music
  •       Intelligent Dance Music
Final Word

The theory that linked music with study and concentration was the Mozart Effect. Since the study used classical music and studied its effects on focus and concentration, a lot of students automatically assumed that only classical music as the best background music for studying should be played during study sessions.

However, later a study named the ‘Blur Effect’ showed that if you listen to enjoyable music while you are studying, it has even better results!

Therefore, you don’t have to cue up old classics for your study playlist; add the songs and music that make you feel good and crank up the volume!

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