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Rave Threads: Fresh Fashion Round-Up

WHAT? Adilette Cloudfoam Slides
PRICE? £21.95

Whether passing the time during long lockdowns in the garden, or shuffling along the patio to your favourite DJ’s quarantine livestream, comfort is now trumping fashion as our chosen necessity when opting for footwear. But why have one or the other when you combine a sleek and modern look via a relaxed, spongy feel on these Adilette Sliders? Made from a durable plastic and rubber combo, the Cloudfoam range comes in a range of various fashion inspired colours, including pink, navy, white, black, and many more.

WHAT? Nike Air Max 270 React
PRICE? From £70+

Not only are these squishy numbers the offspring of two of Nike’s most coveted kicks: the Air Max 270 and the React, but the brand have also added their most-springy cushioning to date, via react foam technology. The trendy 90s inspired colour scheme are part of the Bauhaus collection, which celebrates the influential German Art School by incorporating their signature wavy, bold retro colours into the psychedelic designs. When lockdown ends, you’re going to need a new pair of festival kicks, and nothing quite says ‘3 days of solid raving’ like these bad boys!

WHAT? Deadmau5 Face Mask
PRICE? £13.00

Canadian superstar Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5) has stocked up his online ‘Mau5hop’ with a range of these cool fashion items from everybody’s favourite outspoken electro genius. For just £13, these little beauties give EDM lovers the ideal blend between safety and fashion, and the Mau5 head logo is big enough to be admired by even those with the poorest of eyesight when stood 2 metres away. Protect yourself now by grabbing one, with public transport travel without a mask now incurring a hefty fine in many countries due to the pandemic.

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