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Gorillaz – Song Machine: Friday 13th (feat. Octavian)

Gorillaz have just unveiled their newest single as a continuation of their ‘Song Machine’ series titled ‘Friday 13th’. British virtual band Gorillaz has been releasing a series of animated videos along with a single as part of the project and have just released their newest one. The first release of the ‘Song Machine’ project began in January 2020, with the release of their single ‘Momentary Bliss’ that features artist slowthai and the punk rock band Slaves.

So far, there have been four singles that have been released via ‘Song Machine’ including ‘Désolé’ which features Fatoumata Diawara, a Malian singer/songwriter who currently holds multiple Grammy awards including Best World Music Album and Best Dance Recording for the song ‘Ultimatium’.  Their second release is titled ‘Aries’ and features British legend Peter Hook from The New Age and singer/songwriter and drummer Georgia. On a more sentimental note, the third release of ‘Song Machine’ entitled ‘How Far?’ features famed percussionist Tony Allen, who unfortunately passed away prior to the release of the song in April 2020. Fans around the world shared the song as a tribute to the late Allen.

‘Episode Four: Friday 13th’ paints a colourful picture incorporating images and videos of Octavian singing along with the virtual band as scenes of highways and bright lights play alongside the artists. The track begins in a very Gorillaz-esque style with the use of virtual beat pads and bassy vocals. Toward the end of the song the vocalist for Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, takes us into a dreamlike soundscape with bells that mimick a modern lullaby.

To watch Episode Four: Friday 13th click here.

Stream ‘Friday 13th’ below:

Image Credit: Warner Music Australia