How Brownies & Lemonade became one of the most popular electronic event brands in America

The event space is an extremely competitive one. Whilst there is plenty of room for new shows, becoming a successful promoter in a short space of time is hard, but LA’s very own Brownies & Lemonade have defied all the odds to become one of the biggest event success stories in recent electronic music history. Co-founders Kush Fernando and Jose Guzman have seen their small idea turn into an empire faster than they can blink, but how exactly?

Starting Brownies & Lemonade whilst they were in college, it grew from a deep-rooted genuine love for music. Never having any celebrity connections or anything to easily one up themselves in the early days of the event company, their solution was to start booking people from online streaming platform SoundCloud. Going where no promoter was going at that time, they took risks from the very start by booking unknown names. People flocked towards them because they were making unique moves and giving every budding DJ a fair chance at getting exposure and playing towards crowds who didn’t care how big or how small the DJ was.

It was the mystery that made people and artists want to be a part of it, and soon enough Brownies & Lemonade was fast becoming a name that was passing through each corner of the electronic world and beyond. Fusing electronic genres with other genres such as hip-hop (the genre they started out with), for example, they were making moves that weren’t really being made before. It’s interesting to note that they had no prior experience on how to curate events before they started all of this, and they pretty much learned through their own experiences.  Suddenly, their team grew from two people to many more. Team members such as Chad Kenney (Creative Director) and Evan Washington (Event Coordinator) joined and brought tons of experience with them, which only helped to expand the company to new horizons and gain new connections with some of the leading festivals and venue spaces in and around Los Angeles.


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