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How leading events have earned their place atop the music industry [Magazine Featured]

Events are the heartbeat of the music industry. They transform music into a real tangible product that can truly be heard and felt. They bring people together from all over the world for a mutual experience that nobody will forget. As the world has truly learned this year, without events, the whole industry suffers, from artists to journalists, from tourmanagers to fans, everyone loses out. While the industry goes through this uncertain era, let’s take a look at what makes a high quality event, and celebrate some of the events that have been delighting fans for the past few years.

Naturally, one of the major assets that persuade fans to purchase a ticket is the lineup. Most summer festivals reveal their lineups during the spring, as the brands battle it out to deliver the most popular billing. For most events, delivering a stacked lineup is imperative in order to secure sales, and maintain a positive reputation. A terrible scenario for any event is receiving backlash on social media upon revealing a lineup announcement, but this is not uncommon. During any announcement, there will always be negative responses, but maintaining a positive dialogue on social media is key. However, there are multiple grand exceptions to this rule. In fact, many of the world’s most iconic festivals such as Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, EDC, Ultra and Parookaville among others, do not require a stellar lineup in order to sell out. Events with a high stature such as the aforementioned examples, sell tickets on the basis of the experience that they provide and the reputation they have earned.

Location is also a major factor in making or breaking an event. Many a debacle has taken place due to the location of a festival, and logistics are highly important to the overall experience.


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