Ibiza Rocks set to reopen on 1st July

The entertainment industry has started taking baby steps towards normalcy as countries have started to reopen amidst the coronavirus pandemic. After all the disappointing announcements regarding the cancelation of festivals across the world, it’s finally time for some good news, as far as the people in Spain are concerned. The highly famed Ibiza Rocks is set to reopen and delight its guests with new Poolside sessions and parties, starting from 1st July onwards.

The onset of tourist season in Ibiza which usually commences in April was heavily affected by the COVID-19 situation and it almost felt like there was no scope for tourism for the rest of the year. But as it turns out, many other nightclubs and exotic destinations on the island might follow the footsteps of Ibiza Rocks due to the fact that major airlines will start offering flights to the location after the reopening.

Although there hasn’t been any official word from Ibiza Rocks regarding how they would enforce precautionary measures and social distancing, the response by the fans regarding this decision has been overwhelming so far. It would be interesting to see how this decision affects other major festivals and events.

Check out the complete schedule for the exclusive pool sessions here

Image Credit: Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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