deadmau5 iconic anthem ‘The Veldt’ turns 8 years old

Some artists have one particular track that will forever be timeless, more than others, and iconic no matter how much their discography grows. For Canadian artist deadmau5, he’s had quite a few hits but a particular collaboration with singer Chris James created an impact like no other track. The track, of course, is the 2012 release titled ‘The Veldt’.

Many deadmau5 fans will mark this track as one of his best, and is no doubt in most people’s top five lists when recounting their favourite tracks of his. Dropped on 8 May, he likely didn’t think of the impact that the original 11 minute long track (shorted down to 8 minutes in the 8 minute edit and just under 3 minutes in the radio edit) would make, but its place in electronic dance music history is undeniable. Not only is it a fantastic production, but has a unique story behind its vocals too. With ‘The Veldt’ being created during a 22-hour livestream session in March of 2012, he later found that vocalist Chris James had made his own rendition on Twitter and later confirmed the release of the track with the very same vocals in it (you can watch the video of him discovering the vocals and listening to them for the first time here).

It then went on to receive global recognition in the form of a number 48 spot on Rolling Stone’s 50 best songs of 2012 list, and hit many charts all over the world. Definitely one of those tracks that can instantly give you goosebumps, the track inspired by the 1950’s short story by Ray Bradbury, which shares the same name, will forever live on in the hearts of dance music lovers all over the world. Take a trip down memory lane and watch the official music video, uploaded by Ultra Music, below.


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