JackEL teams up with Cypert for their latest single ‘Malibu’

Since the cancelation of the festive season 2020, all the electronic music lovers have been shattered by the thought of spending the whole summer without the festival days and chill-out nights. As an attempt to re-create that vibe for us all, the extremely skilled American producers JackEL & Cypert have dropped their latest future bass single called Malibu, out now via Play Records.

Through this future bass banger, JackEL & Cypert have triggered intense summer vibes that are set to act as a stress-busters for everyone involved in the industry. In their words, it’s a kind of track that you’ll hear at an EDM festival you attend while you’re in a dream state. Well in my words, it’s no less than a melodic masterpiece blessed with some ambient chords and catchy vocal chops that are meant to get stuck in your head for good. If that wasn’t enough, the track offers an awe-inspiring drop that triggers intense euphoria as soon as it hits, sending the listeners across the seven seas to a place one would describe as utopia.

This is what the man of the moment had to say about this release –

“We wanted to create a song that meant something to both of us, and at that moment, MALIBU is how we were feeling.” – JackEL.

Don’t forget to check it out here –

Image Credits – JackEL (via Facebook)

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