Jonas Blue discusses forthcoming David Guetta collaboration and more [Magazine Exclusive]

Unlike many of his peers, ‘Jonas Blue’ is a name that can no longer stay confined to electronic music lovers and ‘those in the know’. There is – at this point – no doubting the crossover appeal of a man who has firmly verged into household territory. When it comes to streaming stats alone, the Essex-born superstar (real name Guy Robin), has elevated himself to the upper echelons of Spotify folklore. Joining an elite club including the likes of Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, and Drake, Jonas continues to rack up well in excess of 500 million (yes, million!) streams per single, with ‘Fast Car (786m), ‘Perfect Strangers’ (691m), ‘Mama’ (669m) and ‘Rise’ (584m) (at time of writing) all far exceeding the half-billion mark. Add in a further 8 x top 20 singles, and more than 25 million records sold globally, and Jonas Blue is nothing short of a hit-making juggernaut.

So which attributes have proved key ingredients in the recipe of his startling success? “Well, I think when I started out, I only wanted to create happy, positive music that would translate across the world and actually, it’s very hard to write those songs,” says Jonas. “Sometimes you get involved in sessions with different writers, and actually you soon find out it’s a lot harder to make credible uptempo music rather than say, ‘sad songs’ as such. These happy, euphoric songs can come across quite cheesy sometimes, and you don’t want to do that, but that was always my goal from the start. I wanted to make timeless songs that also had that positive undertone so I really had that focus when I was started out. And being a songwriter, as well as a producer, I kind of realised I need to keep lyrics simple and in that happy mindset, because a lot of people want to hear that type of music.”


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