MK Marc Kinchen

MK creates ultimate party remix of Katy Perry single ‘Daises’

Right now, we could all do with a bit of sunshine and uplifting vibes in our lives. Whilst being on lockdown and the world not allowing events right now, it feels like the whole music industry is on pause but that doesn’t mean the track releases are. Recently, we’ve seen a massive influx of our favourite artists releasing tracks or getting creative with online sets for fans, and MK is one of them. MK, also known as Marc Kinchen, has a treat for fans that’s out now and its in the form of an extra special remix.

Remixing ‘Daisies’ by pop princess Katy Perry, EDM and pop have collided again in one of the most epic ways possible in this official remix. The original track itself has proven very popular, with 15 million views so far on the official music video on YouTube, and now MK is taking it a step further by injecting his signature house sound and creating a quarantine anthem for the ages. Taking Katy Perry’s vocals and putting them against beats that more than fit the vocals, this track sounds like it could have been an original collaboration and not just a remix. A perfect tune for festivals all over the world when they’re back on, MK has created pure gold with this.

Listen to the track below, and buy it or stream it on your chosen service here.

Image Credit: Neil Favila

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