Eran Hersh Radio Edit

Kenn Colt – Sun Goes Down (Eran Hersh Edit)

Multi-talented DJ and producer Eran Hersh has taken on Kenn Colt’s vocal-driven original ‘Sun Goes Down’ in a vibrant new radio edit.

After a hugely successful 2019, Isreali-born talent Eran is back with another of his mesmerising remixes. Considering the lightheartedness  of the original, Hersh has completely transformed ‘Sun Goes Down’ into a club-ready anthem. Driving through with a refreshing mix of punchy drum samples and hair-raising synth and baselines, the track takes on a new purpose as he hones in on the lyrics with an infectious vocal sample.

The US-based producer is no stranger to a remix, taking on Bootmasters and Offer Nissim in the past as highlights among a few. He also has a long list of incredible originals, with more on the way too, with a track called ‘Fading’ coming soon to follow up his superb Jerusalem Nights EP. Eran sure is a rising talent, given some of his works have already seen release on major labels such as EDX’s Sirup Music and Flamingo Recordings, Fedde Le Grand’s imprint. He has also performed at some of the major festivals around the world, with Ultra Miami and EDC Las Vegas already under his belt.

Check out the excellent new Eran Hersh radio edit of ‘Sun Goes Down’ below!


Image Credit: Eran Hersh (Press)

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