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Project 46 – Live Forever

Progressive house masters duo Project 46, formed by the Canadians Ryan Henderson and Thomas Shaw, have honored the memory of our beloved Tim Berg, also known as Avicii, in their last song called ‘Live Forever‘. This emotive song is out now on all platforms via Pink Pineapple.

Many have been the artists that have received massive amounts of recognitions and tributes after their passing. From Freddie Mercury, to Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, these were honored for their massive contributions to the music by influencing a generation, leading the musical trends and marking a milestone with their songs. In our electronic music industry, that person was Tim. Avicii was, if not the biggest, one of the biggest icons in the history of our scene. With songs like ‘Levels‘ or ‘Wake Me Up‘, he was one of the key artists to put the dance music in the highest highs, going from a secondary genre to become part of the main styles in the music industry. This was why his influence and reputation extended well beyond the electronic music scene. From artists in other genres to organisations that had no relationship with music, all of them paid their respects to the memory of the fallen icon.

Now, Project 46, who are back after a 4-year hiatus, have wanted to do their part by tributing Avicii the best way they knew; with a truly progressive house masterpiece track. It combines euphoric sounds with emotive melodies and vocals reminding us of the best days of EDM’s Golden Era and some elements of beautiful tracks from the Swede producer like ‘Fade Into Darkness‘ or ‘I Could Be The One. Somehow, by adopting the classic old school chords and melodic uplifting drops, this song is able to provoke and awake nostalgic feelings that take us back to those amazingly magic times.

Listen to the newest track from Project 46 ‘Live Forever’ below:


Image Credit: Project 46 (Press)

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