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Sebastian Park talks latest releases, radio show and more: Interview

On a roll lately, Sebastian Park has been exciting his fanbase with a steady stream of releases and he’s not slowing down any time soon. Releasing on labels like Don Diablo’s Hexagon, Dirty Dutch Music, Black Hole Recordings and much more, he’s a well-rounded individual and has a lot to talk about, so we caught up with him to chat about his career.


How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I first started DJ-ing in 2011 after I graduated high school. I bought myself my first controller and started learning by myself. I fell in love with dance music right after I went to my first show during college. At that time I only knew Swedish House Mafia and Afrojack since they were huge hits on the radio. In 2012 I transferred back home from college after getting injured during the hockey season. While at home, I went to Pacha NYC every weekend for a year and a half and fell more in love with the music. In 2013 I decided to start making my own music and attended music production school soon after. A year later I released my first single and  2 bootleg remixes which got the attention and support from Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Oliver Heldens and many others. After all three artists tweeted about how much they loved the tracks, I was inspired to keep on pursuing to be an artist. 

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

Throughout the years my favorite artists have changed with my music taste. But the artists who have inspired me the most are Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Don Diablo, Chris Lake, Martin Solveig, MK, CID and The Magician.

You’ve just released a huge future disco record ‘Think About U’ on EDX’s label. What’s the story behind this record? 

When I start a new track the first thing I do is find vocals. I listen to the vocals and the lyrics to see if anyone else or I can relate to them. When I first heard these vocals, I noticed a similarity to Ariana Grande’s, which sound great for a disco house track. In my shows, I love bringing back nostalgic vibes with old school lyrics and modern dance music. So early 2019 I decided to start bringing back disco. Ever since then, I tried to put a little disco in some of my tracks and it has been working very well. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from listening to Dua Lipa, Silk City and MK. This year has been crazy so I’ve been saving a lot of club and festival tracks that I’ve made and focused on just releasing radio groove tracks to get everyone’s mind off of how horrible this year is.

On a different subject, looking at the whole COVID-19 situation and its impacts, how did the COVID-19 situation affect you as an artist? Did quarantine encourage or damage your creativity?

Starting 2020, I was already on the road doing shows in South Korea when COVID-19 was getting worse. Clubs were not closed yet so I was doing shows every weekend which was exciting but scary at the same time. Once my set was over, I would have to leave the venue right away for my safety. I wasn’t able to do a few shows in order to come back home before the travel ban was enforced. Since then I’ve been making music preparing for when clubs and festival reopen.

What are you looking forward to most when this situation is over?

I’m looking forward to releasing all the new music I’ve been holding on to and partying with everyone once COVID is over.

Looking at your musical catalogue with releases such as ‘Like This’ on Don Diablo’s label ‘Future Funk’ on Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch and up to your recent one ‘Think About U‘, you have a very diverse sound. How do you produce such different sounding tracks while maintaining your signature sound?

When I first started producing I frequently heard, “You have to have your own sound”. I get that many artists have their own “signature sound” but why limit yourself to that one sound. Over the years I’ve seen many artists get backlash cause their new music didn’t sound like their old tracks or signature sound. There’s so much music out there and I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just one style of sound. That’s why when I open a new project I don’t think of the genre I just go with the flow. I can start with a bass house track but later end up with a future house track. But the most important part of my signature sound is to always have a groove. Once you start listening to my tracks I want you to be able to dance right away. 

Congratulations on the launch of your new Nū Wav Radio, which is already making big waves worldwide. Could you tell us what’s the reason behind launching the radioshow? What can we expect genre-wise from the coming episodes aswell?

I started a radio show 5 years ago but it didn’t have much of a following and it didn’t work out the way I had planned. I decided to stop it after a couple of episodes. I had to focus more on releasing music in order to grow a following for my radio show. I got the idea to start my radio show again after I saw my music getting released on Will Sparks, Chuckie, Leandro Da Silva and many other labels. I created Nū Wav radio to have no limits in genres. One episode can be tracks I’ve been listening to all month and the next could be throwback tracks that flow well with new dance tracks. I also wanted Nū Wav radio to be a platform for new, up and coming artists to showcase their tracks since I know how hard it is to get support from the big name artists. Nū Wav is also different from other radio shows because I do live mixing and don’t play a full song unless I really like the track.

Your tracks have been supported by the likes of Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Sam Feldt, Ummet Ozcan & Showtek to name a few. How does it feel to have your productions supported by some of the biggest DJs in the world? What advice would you give to other producers who are looking to achieve success in the industry?

It’s always amazing to see my tracks being supported by big name artists and labels. I still get the same feelings I had when I got my first huge support by Above & Beyond. I was speechless for the whole week. Best advice for producers to achieve this is to start building a connection with your favorite artists. Comment and like their social media accounts. They will notice and see how much love you show them.

What does the rest of 2020 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations? Interesting gigs in the pipeline?

2020 is looking rough but I have a huge EP collaboration coming out soon on Fedde Le Grand’s label, Darklight Recordings, Back on Disco Fries’ label, Liftoff Recordings, with a new single + remix pack coming out soon. I have tons of new music but I’m waiting for the perfect time to release them. I finished up a new song that is totally different from what I usually play but wanted to give it a try. It’s a mix of disco, pop and house. For gigs, I’m worried about booking anything as of right now. The only show I’ve been notified about is ADE 2020, but only if ADE is still happening this year. 


With his Nū Wav Radio show officially kicking off, and ‘Think About U’ out now with new tracks on the way very soon for his dedicated fanbase, Sebastian Park is absolutely killing the game right now and you can follow him on Facebook here to keep up to date with everything going on in his massive career. Listen to ‘Think About U’ below.


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