Sigma – High On You (featuring John Newman)

British duo Sigma have just released their new song ‘High On You’ which features vocalist John Newman. The pair consists of London natives Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie, who met at Leeds University in 2006. Sigma navigated their way through the club scene coming out on top with hits such as ‘Nobody To Love’, which topped the UK Singles Chart along with their other single ‘Changing’. Their debut album Life rocked the masses with over 1.2 billion streams and video views combined. With the latest release from the pair being in 2018, a remix of Nelly and Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Dilemma’, it’s safe to say that ‘High On You’ was worth the wait.

The vocalist on the track, John Newman risen to fame through a series of vocal triumphs, including his single ‘Love Me Again’, which peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart and was also featured in FIFA 14. He was also featured on Calvin Harris’s ‘Blame’ in 2014. Additionally, in the same year, Newman was nominated for three Brit Awards, and British Male Solo Artist of The Year was one of them.

The song opens up with big house chords demanding your attention and John Newman’s vocals come shortly after with that same energy. The song follows the lead of the vocals and snaps to keep the beat, leaving the kick drum to impact us in the chorus. This track oozes vigor from beginning to end leaving no beat unaccented. The best part of the song comes right before the encore where we hear a crowd singing the lyrics along with some cool effects taking hold right before we’re brought back to the chorus.

Stream ‘High On You’ by Sigma featuring John Newman below:

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Image Credit: Jordan Hare