Skrillex removes content from his Instagram; new music coming soon?

What’s the best way to create hype for something? Wipe your social media accounts. This time, Skrillex is the latest artist to do so on Instagram, sparking rumors that new music may be coming or some other major announcement. The major artist only left behind two posts, which begs the question: what if he just wanted to remove his posts?

Nonetheless, given social media precedent and the results of artists wiping their social media accounts, Skrillex may be up to something. At the beginning of the year, Skrillex announced that his new album was almost done. At the Grammys, he stated:

“The thing is with this album, every single of piece music [unintelligible] been what I have right then and there and then it was run and gun. This is the first time I’ve really been taking my time, being precious about a few of these releases. But soon, man. I’m doing some videos, making some content, getting ready for these next records. […] I’ve never sat down and been completely tenacious about one of my releases like this.”

Is it the album done? Is the announcement coming soon? We will have to wait and find out what the renowned artist has up his sleeve.


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