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Sofi Tukker discuss Grammy nominations, ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE’ EP and more [Magazine Exclusive]

It’s always fun when artists who are bringing something entirely new to the scene come along and completely change up everything with exciting new sounds.  Fun and lively duo SOFI TUKKER are doing exactly that, bringing their unique experimental sound to the electronic scene and building an extremely solid reputation at the same time. Between getting not one but two GRAMMY nominations, playing some of the biggest festivals around right now and getting their tracks on blockbuster movie soundtracks, they’re super busy enjoying what massive opportunities their talents have brought them but during this downtime we caught up with them to see what they’ve been up to, and of course to talk about their recent projects.

You’re unarguably one of the most exciting duos in the music world right now, and you’ve had some amazing opportunities. What does all this fame and support feel like? Did you ever expect this when just starting out?

When we were starting out, we thought it would be a niche thing, like maybe only people who were into Portuguese poetry already. We definitely didn’t expect it to pop off in places all around the world. That said, we still feel like we have a lot to grow. There’s so much more we want to do. We feel like we’re still just starting out in a way.

Speaking of amazing opportunities, you’ve been featured on the soundtrack for the blockbuster film ‘Birds of Prey’ with the track ‘Feeling Good’. How did that happen and how different is it to create a track for a movie soundtrack rather than a regular single or album release?

We actually wrote that song a while ago but didn’t know what to do with it. We sent it to our synching team, and probably a year later they told us about the opportunity with Birds of Prey. We were never going to release it because it didn’t fit in the musical direction we were going in, so this was a perfect fit for it.


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