The best techno music for studying

Do students who listen to music while studying understand concepts better than those who don’t? We all love listening to music after completing our most important tasks of the day. However, most of us don’t listen to music while studying because we’ve been discouraged by teachers and parents.

After doing our research, we discovered that listening to music while studying has lots of benefits. While studying in a quiet environment has its benefits too, you should also try studying while listening to music and see which one works best for you.

Techno is a genre that’s ideal for people who want to get lost in what they are doing. Focus and concentration are the keys to successful studying. Here is a list of the best techno music for studying.

1. Erol Alkan – Spectrum

Erol Alkan is one of the best artists in the world who has been smashing it in this decade. The music has jet effects starting with a deep kick drum. By the time you reach the two-minute mark, it will be quite clear that you’ve found a great piece of electronic music.

2. Thomas Schumacher – Crimson

Thomas Schumacher’s Crimson is a full package when it comes to magnificent banging techno. It starts with an epic melodic intro that gets topped when the riff drops in and drives the tune-up to peak levels. You have to listen to this track while studying to feel the effects.

3. Cedric Elisabeth – Accro

While the majority of techno artists focus their efforts on the kick drum, this Parisian producer is focused on exploring the outer limits of this genre. You should check out the track Facing Reality which is just as mind-expanding as Accro.

4. Dystart – Dark Metal

While most artists are doing their best to bite off each other’s styles, Dystart, a London-based producer is usually busy in his studio creating his brand of high-quality techno to stand above everyone else. If you don’t believe me, listen to this song to experience a new side of techno.

5. Jay Lumen – Generation

Jay Lumen’s Generation is one of his newest and best performing tracks on his label. Thanks to its staccato synth stab plus ethereal breakdown, it is definitely well suited for the dance floor and studying.

It’s important for students to check out free essay samples on while listening to Jay Lumen’s Generation and other great tracks to master what they’ve learnt in class and seek help.

Other techno artists to watch out for
1. Marcel Dettmann

The East German Berlin regular Marcel Dettmann is an amazing artist who was brought up in the industrial and techno scene in the early ’90s. He has his record label, Marcel Dettmann Records where he organizes all techno talent. Further, he has produced compilation albums that have made him more popular and successful.

2. Sonja Moonear

The Swiss-born DJ has always had a passion for music since she was four. She has reported several times that she found her purpose in life after listening to KLF. As a relentless tourer since the early 2000s, she has become one of the most successful international DJs, playing in clubs like Club Guesthouse in Bucharest and Watergate in Berlin.

3. Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin is a leading figure in the minimal techno scene. At the moment, he is famous for the track Spastik. He started his career back when he was 17. He blended techno and house music to create beautiful beats. He has also released tracks from famous artists like Plastikman, Kenny Larkin, and Cybersonik to name a few. He is a true innovator when it comes to music production.

Other famous techno artists that you should watch out for include Kevin Saunderson, Aphex Twin, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Nina Kraviz and Ben Klock.


Studying while listening to music has lots of benefits such as enhanced concentration, motivation, lowering stress, and eliminating boredom. The type of music you listen to will affect your concentration and grades in the long run. Therefore, it’s always best to go for the genres that academic experts encourage. Among them is techno music.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, you can always search for your favorite songs and create a playlist for your study sessions. Do not be afraid of trying out new things during your study sessions. Finally, avoid playing loud music while studying even if its techno. Loud music will end up distracting and confusing you instead of being a source of inspiration.


Image Credit: Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash

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