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The Story of Martin Garrix: How the young star inspired a generation [Magazine Featured]

When it comes to making a mark on the scene, there is perhaps no electronic artist more distinguished than Martin Garrix. His story is one of a kind, and has garnered interest all over the globe. As the first DJ/producer to climb the ranks so rapidly, his success story is one that has inspired fans and budding producers from all over the world. While many have tried to replicate that success, very few come close to making such a remarkable impact. As one of the industry’s most unique artists, many continue to ask the question, how did Martin Garrix become one of the most rapidly successful artists in the electronic music industry?

Martijn Garritsen, better known as Martin Garrix, showed a keen interest in music from a very young age. According to Martin, his earliest inspiration occurred in 2004, when he saw Tiësto performing live at the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Athens. Watching the performance on television, this was a major turning point in the life of Martin Garrix, and the first step in a chain of events that would change the future of the music industry. By 2006, he had built a treehouse with his father, and added speakers. Before long, Martin’s father made the speaker system mobile so that he could play his music at parties. The period between 2006-2007 was a crucial time for Garrix, it was then that his musical talent was truly born. Before long, at the age of 10, Martin Garrix had finished his first ever record.



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