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Unique socially distanced music venue opening in London

Later this year a distinctive, socially distanced music venue, One Night Records, is opening its doors to the public in Central London.


As the world tries take a step forward in recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, some music venues and companies are realising the potential for a rather unusual return of live music events.

One Night Records is considering to do just that; scheduled to launch in October, they will open a specially designed music venue, set to adhere to social distancing guidelines, enforcing strict health and safety rules on site. The venue will have an increased ventilation system and it will be a mandatory rule that masks must be worn at all times while using the facilities. The company are also set to offer food and drink services, with a “drive thru” system in practice. The number of visitors will also be limited with staggered visiting times; all-inclusive tickets will be available in blocks of no more than 4. Expect to see news of their new “Lockdown Town” series very soon; events will be running from October 2nd to December 31st. Find more information and tickets here.

In the same week, a similar concept has been announced elsewhere in Europe, with Amsterdam club RADION announcing a similar events series too. Perhaps the idea of the ‘socially distanced music venue’ will pick up momentum and become the key to the future of the live music industry as it looks to recover financially.

Image Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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