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Ways on how to motivate kids to love dancing

Kids these days are stuck to their mobile gadgets. Some have become obsessed with playing online games. Unfortunately, these things make them live a sedentary life which increases their risk of being obese. The bad news is that with a lack of physical activity, their overall health is bound to suffer. This is when kids must be encouraged to engage in activities that allow them to stay active. One of these would be to encourage them to dance. But, how should you motivate the kids these days to love dancing? Read further to find out. 

  • Combine it with their love for tech or gadgets.

Kids these days would love to get their hands on gadgets and any tech-related stuff. In fact, they love it so much they don’t want to do other things but play with their gadgets. If you want to entice them to love dancing, then you can create music website, so they’ll be able to enjoy uploading their favorite music and video. They will also be able to enjoy deciding on the color, theme, and whatever they want to include on their website. Then, they can showcase these to their friends and eventually build a fan base. 

  • Inform them about the benefits of dance.

Dancing not only serves as a fun way to exercise. It also improves their sense of creativity. Once they join dance groups their socialization skills will also improve. Add in the fact that dancing also boosts their confidence and self-esteem. They can dance when they’re happy and when the world around them just doesn’t seem to be too nice. In other words, they can use dancing as a means of coping and enjoying each moment of their life. 

  • Know their preferences.

If your kid doesn’t like to indulge in modern dance, expose her to other dance genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, or ballroom. Spend time with them watching videos of kids who join dance competitions. Make them watch video clips of adults dancing and then make sure to point out the positive sides of being able to know how to dance. Emphasize to them that they do not have to stick to a specific genre that they do not enjoy. They can always switch to other genres whenever they want to.

  • Always point out the fun part of dancing.

Although you have to be realistic that dancing also comes with some challenges, especially if they’re new to it. But, make your kids see the fun part of it. Once they realize how fun dancing can be it will now be easier for you to encourage them to join rehearsals and even competitions later. Never let your kids see dancing as a chore. If you notice the kids not smiling while having rehearsals, take a break, and then ask what is bothering them. This way, you can immediately address any possible issues they may have which could ruin their interest in dancing. 

Once the kids agree to join dance classes, assure them that they will still be given enough time to play with their mobile gadgets. Only this time, they have to stick to a certain schedule so they won’t be holding their gadgets all day and instead find time to be actively participating in their dance activities. 


Image Credit: Pixabay

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