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What it takes to be a musician in the modern digital world?

The music industry has evolved incredibly in the last decade. Digitalization and the internet has transformed the music world and how the modern composer makes and distributes music. In addition, the rise of social media and platforms like YouTube has increased competition and given many more artists the chance to gain success.

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Whilst managing your studies, why not look at developing your musical talents and forging a career as a modern composer? To help, we have given insight and advice in the below guide:

Creating a brand – Music Marketing

Becoming a successful musician, artist, or composer in today’s digital world requires more than just raw talent. You must be able to build an identity, and a brand that people can associate you with. Luckily, there is a myriad of ways that you can build your online presence, known as music marketing:

Social media

Social media is perhaps responsible for the most drastic change in music marketing. Traditional methods of marketing are becoming less popular – television and the radio, for example. Instead of trying to promote via these difficult channels, musicians can instead reach millions of people from their smartphones – using social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tik Tok give us global reach. Moreover, they allow us to post musical content instantly.

If you want to be successful, you should ideally create a presence on social media. Indeed, social media platforms can actually provide a source of income for musicians. You can interact with your viewers but also create fresh content and digital music relatively easily.


Aside from social media, YouTube has to be the biggest marketing tool available for composers and artists. YouTube is one of the most-used content sharing platforms in the world. Millions of people watch videos on a daily basis.  In addition to this, we are now seeing a new breed of YouTube star – people who have actually made a living from creating video content on the platform.

As a musician, you should look at creating a YouTube channel and posting regular content to it. This could be anything from music videos and performance, to daily vlogs and live streaming events.

A personal blog/website

In addition to creating social media outlets and a YouTube platform, musicians can easily create a personal website or blog too. There is a range of different platforms available that allow you to easily build websites without any prior web development knowledge. Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, for example all have pre-existing templates and a simple creation process.

To improve your music marketing and reach a wider audience, a website is an essential tool.

Using digital content distribution platforms

For most of us, long gone are the days where you could just simply go into a recording studio and create content for distribution in record shops. Musicians and artists must now utilize digital distribution platforms to reach a much larger audience:


Spotify is a popular audio sharing platform – millions of people use this service to download and listen to the latest music. It is an excellent platform to use, and offers musicians the chance to share their creations with the world.


As mentioned above, YouTube is a global content platform that is great for marketing. It is also fantastic for distributing your music and compositions. You can add copyright protection to your videos and share your work with millions of people. Furthermore, if you put in extra research and dedication, you could turn YouTube into a constant source of revenue for your music.

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store was created by Apple and is a place where artists can sell their music. Using this digital distribution platform, musicians can upload their work and share it with the world. There is also a range of music charts relating to store downloads and it is a great way to earn money and get yourself recognized.

Utilizing the latest in software and equipment

Finally, the software and equipment we have at our disposal has evolved greatly too. In most instances, creating music is now much more accessible. You do not need a whole studio setup or masses of musical instruments – instead, you can use digital software to help produce your sound:

Musicians and composers can now use a range of digital tools to create music. Software like Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Sound Forge Audio Studio enable you to create music and record your voice or instruments easily.

These detailed music editing programs have given musicians a huge level of creativity. Artists no longer have to rely on hiring studios – music can be made from the comfort of your home. In addition to this, we can even record music and videos on smartphones and DSLR cameras – the quality of these recording devices has improved greatly.

This availability of technology should be jumped on and utilized to your advantage.

We hope you have found this article beneficial. The music industry has changed. However, there is no denying that it has never been so accessible. As a budding musician or composer, you must just adapt and utilize the different technologies available to pursue your dreams!


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