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Yellow Claw release an impeccable remix of The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’: Listen

Yellow Claw is a name who clearly do not need a formal introduction. The power duo have not only showcased their festival-ready sound around the world but have constantly pushed to build a family united through the love of music. Dreams really do come true with the utmost motivation as we can happily say the Barong Family is one of the strongest music loving communities out there today. Following an epic trip to Bangkok which lead to the release of the highly anticipated album Hard In Bangkok consisting of artists such as Ray Ray, Crisis Era, Rawtek, Radical Redemption, SIKH, GHOSTER and many more, Yellow Claw and the Barong Family have proven to craft an album which potrays their uniqueness and not to mention hard-hitting sound in the industry today. Unsurprisingly, Yellow Claw are experimenting with melodic bass as they have just released a forward-thinking remix of The Weeknd’s ‘Blindling Lights’ and let us tell you it is truly a masterpiece to the ear.

As goosebumps begin to run down your spines with Yellow Claw’s gentle production elements, stunning instrumentals aligned with The Weekend’s pacifying vocals lead the single into an intensified build up of drum claps and scintillating synths. Opening up the doors to Yellow Claw’s side of melodic bass, echos of the Weeknd’s vocals flow immaculately with a series of calming frequencies and a soothing backdrop we cannot get enough of. After listening to this iconic remix, it is safe to say we can only hope for a collaboration in the future from Yellow Claw and The Weeknd.

Listen to the catchy remix below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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