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50 legendary trap songs of all time (Part 1)

Uncompromisingly, one of the fastest and most widely developing sub-genre of electronic music in recent years is trap. From the turn of 2011 and 2012 to the present day, trap has evolved in several directions, and its popularity continues to grow. On the stages of the biggest EDM & bass festivals it’s not difficult to hear the hybrid trap / hard trap / future bass tracks or festival trap edits, but all of them were initiated by one genre currently most often called as EDM Trap, which had its golden age around years 2012-2015. Paying homage to this era of trap music, and by the way, as a small reminder of where thousands of people’s adventure with electronic sounds began, we have prepared a list of 50 legendary trap songs you should know.

Below we present the first 10 productions, which you will also find in our newly created playlist for Spotify placed at the end of the article.

1. Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

Josh Young (former member) and Curt Cameruci started Flosstradamus in 2006. Six years later, January 2012, dropped probably the first-ever produced “trap remix” and gave birth to the EDM side of trap music. Apart from changing the lyrics from “run the track” to famous “run the trap” and tempo, they replaced drop’s jumpstyle vibe with deep 808 kicks and snare drums and timed hit-hats. Game changer for the electronic dance music world and claims the top spot in our 50 legendary trap songs list.

2. Hucci & Stööki Sound – Ball So Hard

In the same year, 2012 of course, 16 years old Hucci teamed up with British production duo called Stööki Sound for bass-thumping track Ball So Hard. The track started with a simple 30-second intro made from the bell sample. In the drop, you hear the main pluck lead filled with deep dominant 808 kick. This is one of the five tracks that were included in the debut Sööki Sound’s Gold Trap EP.

Suddenly, duo Stööki Sound split up in 2019 after 7 years of working together.

3. Mayhem & Antiserum – Hustle

Two names, nearly synonymous in the dubstep-trap network in 2013 and 2014. Mayhem and Antiserum’s collaborations were always successfully fused with a high energy blend of EDM and hip-hop. Big bad brass gets this record turns from the onset and the pressure builds up until the words “All I Do Is HU$TLE” ring out before the drop. Definitely expect another one form them on this list!

4. RL Grime & What So Not – Tell Me

The beautiful connection between RL Grime’s monstrous horns and What So Not’s melodic breakdowns which perfectly defines the style of their production from those years.

That record for me seems to be the temple of the whole scene. It’s like the bonfire classic. – said Diplo in 2018 during “In Conversation” interview with RL Grime.

Trap Sample Music from Loopmasters.com
5. Gent & Jawns – Turn Up

This duo (before break up) released only a few original tracks and practically every one of them turned into a certified trap banger with a super characteristic 808 kick.  Additionally from Turn Up their musical output also includes Kings, Swizzy & Collecta. The last one was supported in probably every Jack Ü set.

Turn Up was released in All Trap Music vol. 1 compilation, and year after officially in Faded EP which was first of two duo’s EPs on Mad Decent.

6. LOUDPVCK, GLADIATOR ft. Nipsey Hussle – Tony

This song is a combination of heavy festival trap synths and booming 808s influenced with big room sound. For sure one of the best trap anthems from 2014, premiered in the 42 minutes long – packed with some of the biggest trap songs – GLADPVCK Mix. Bad news – LOUDPVCK project no longer exist. Both Kenny Beats and DJ Ryan Marks are working on their solo projects. Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle.


7. Bro Safari – The Drop

After three years of creating dubstep and moombahton productions, in 2013 Bro Safari decided to try his hand with some different stuff and perfectly shot into the golden age of the trap. He released 3-track The Drop EP containing two originals and collaboration with DJ Craze – Spooked. Both, The Drop and That A$$ define 2013’s trap style. In 2016 MUST DIE!, Ricky Remedy and Cory Enemy showed their versions of track attached below.

8. Troyboi – O.G.

Another trap legend from the UK with a huge amount of bass heaters and unique production style he calls ‘My Style’. His works are characterized by calm instrumental intros enriched only with increasing risers turning into wicked-melting face drops preceded by a short smooth vocals. Troyboi packed all his bangers in 20-track Left Is Right LP from 2017. First, but not least on this list.

9. ETC!ETC! & Brillz – Swoop

The tune comes from Bueller EP premiered on Mad Decent’s Jefferees in summer 2012. Starting with vocal pluck lead melody and classic trap VOC it turns very smoothly into a fast-growing aggressive build-up which ends giving us one of the greatest trap drops ever with bubble poppin main sound. The first time you hear that drop on a decent sound system, you’ll probably go crazy.

10. Just Blaze, Baauer ft. Jay-Z – Higher

Higher is a heavy trap collab and an absolute monster between the Brooklyn-based dance producer Baauer, primarily known at the time for Harlem Shake, and NY producer Just Blaze. When world-renowned hip-hop producer, trap magician and hip-hop legend meet on one song, it must be a masterpiece. The track was also the first release on the just-relaunched in 2013 Priority Records label.


Follow our “50 legendary trap songs” playlist on Spotify down below and stay tuned for the rest of the tracks. Part 2 of the series coming soon!



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