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Alesso & Dirty South’s classic progressive anthem ‘City of Dreams’ turns 7 years old

As soon as you hear those beautiful lyrics sung by Ruben Haze, you’re overwhelmed with a sea of emotion. The lyrics we’re talking about come from the timeless ‘City of Dreams’ by progressive legends Alesso and Dirty South. Although progressive house itself is an emotive genre, this track took the emotions to an entire new level and its part of what made it truly so special back in the day, and now.

Recorded in 2012, fans didn’t have to wait too long to hear the release of the club, festival and radio friendly track. Earning a spot in the 2013 EDC Las Vegas trailer, it was hard to find a place that was not playing it out, and it truly hit the big time. Becoming bigger than Alesso and Dirty South could’ve ever expected, it’s earned a place atop their discographies as one of the most timeless tracks that the two producers have ever made, and there’s nothing that could ever compare to the magic they made with this beauty.

Released during the golden days of EDM and progressive house, you can pinpoint this track as being one of the most influential during that time and it was hard to find someone who wasn’t completely obsessed with it. It’s still played today as much as it was back then, and it’s rare to find a track with as much play-ability as seven years ago.


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