Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens to present her brand new ‘Higher’ EP: Listen

The Techno queen is back! The Belgian master Amelie Lens has just announced that she will be presenting her first project of the year, which will be her a new EP titled ‘Higher’. This amazing upcoming album will be go out next month, more specifically on August 21st, via her her Lenske record label.

In less than 4 years, the iconic 30-year old DJ and producer has rapidly grown across the music industry establishing her name as one of the most popular and renowned representatives of the techno scene worldwide. With the amazing sounds and the brutal energy she transmits on her songs like ‘Follow‘ or ‘Purge‘ and DJ sets, she has owned the respect of an entire industry. Nonetheless, in this world there will always be haters, who seem to discredit Amelie’s fast success. As determined and passionate as she is, Amelie Lens is convinced to demonstrate her worth to any doubters and haters ‘It happened so fast – too fastI understand it’s going to take me ten more years to prove myself, but I’m going to do it‘.

New tracks of this highly-anticipated ‘Higher’ EP were presented during her massive livestream for BBC. Back in April she did something reserved to the the biggest electronic music stars in the game, as it is dropping an Essential mix on BBC Radio 1, which lasted over 4 hours, the longest one since 1997.

The EP will contain the album’s name song ‘Higher’, its remix from the Berlin-based duo FJAAK and then ‘L’Obscurite’. Three tracks that perfectly showcase Amelie’s energetic and euphoric dark acid techno style, which is making techno fans to literally be on the edge of their seats waiting for this one to come out. But rest assured, before you know it, you will enjoy this majestic EP!


Image Credit: Amelie Lens Press / Provided by Measure PR UK

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