Axwell & Dirty South’s ‘Open Your Heart’ turns 12 years old

Axwell and Dirty South. They’re two names which instantly get the progressive house crowd excited. The two legends have been – and always will be – sat on top of the progressive scene as two of the leaders and pioneers who have paved the way for many artists who have come after them. With their insane talents, they made the world stop on this day in 2008 when they dropped a collaboration titled ‘Open Your Heart’ (released on Axtone), and the scene was never the same again.

It’s noted as one of the most career-defining tracks that either artist has done, and although Axwell and Dirty South have worked on a numerous amount of tracks and remixes for each other or together, ‘Open Your Heart’ remains to be in the spotlight. There’s been some notable remixes from the likes of Ivan Gough & Jebu, and the Dub and Instrumental mixes but none can steal the spotlight from just how magical the original track itself is. It’s not easy to earn the title of timeless classic, but this track really is that. With melodies and drops that will never go out of fashion, it’s easily as good as the first day it dropped twelve years ago.

Do you have any particular fond memories attached to ‘Open Your Heart’? Let us know in the comments as you re-listen to it below!


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