Bob Moses join forces with ZHU for a masterpiece of a collaboration titled ‘Desire’: Listen

Bob Moses and ZHU have just released a new single entitled ‘Desire’.

Canadian duo Bob Moses (real names Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance) have teamed up with DJ/producer ZHU (real name Steven Zhu) for their newest single along with an interactive video directed by Owen Brown. This is the first single from the duo’s upcoming album ‘Desire’ since the release of their 2019 EP ‘Unplugged’, and for ZHU, his second single of the year, following ‘Only, a collaboration with R&B/pop vocalist Tinashe.

The song is an excellent portrayal of two worlds coming together. ZHU’s mark on the song leaves its impression with dark, dusty vibes, while Bob Moses lightens up the mood with bright vocals. The song opens up with a pretty plucked pad with big reverb creating a ton of space within the song and the vocals match that exact mood. “I don’t want your desire, I just want to be free” are repeated throughout the song along with major chords with a subtle, yet impactful kick drum that hits all the right spots. Toward the end of the song, we are emersed in the world that Bob Moses and ZHU created for us, filling our heads with hypnotic synths and harmonized lyrics that spin us around until the very end.

The video released along with the song is part of an interactive experience, making the viewer choose between certain situations. As soon as the video starts, the viewer is presented with a ‘Pain’ or ‘Pleasure’ option, depending on which you choose, the color scheme changes and certain objects appear or disappear making the viewers of this music video in complete control of the outcome.

To get the full interactive experience click here.

Listen to Bob Moses and ZHU’s ‘Desire’ below:


Image Credit: Rukes.com