Carl Cox

Carl Cox condemns illegal raves in the UK as Covid-19 pandemic continues

As the Covid19 pandemic continues and lockdown measures remain in place in the UK and indeed worldwide, some people have been taking liberties with the rules. But while everyone from police and politicians have been quick to condemn these gatherings, those responsible probably didn’t bank on one of dance music’s most respected figures to join the debate, as none other than techno king¬†Carl Cox makes clear that illegal raves are “not the answer”.

Speaking to Sky News in the UK, Cox said that he could indeed understand that “frustration” is the root cause of such events, as it remains unclear to many when clubs and live events will be able to resume. However he is also clear to state that while it may be born out of uncertainty, this is not a time to make matters worse – “These illegal parties are basically done out of frustration. Just done out of showing it’s our right to do what we want to do. It’s not the answer to this.”

Illegal raves in the UK over the past few months have resulted in various stabbings, and other violent disorder, with attendees attacking police who attended to end these events. As cases continue to decline and lockdown measures are eased, it is understandable that people are keen to get back to normal, especially given the relatively low rates of serious Covid19 infection in the young. However, young people with no apparent underlying health conditions have died from the virus, with many more suffering serious effects. As summer drags on, it is clear that with no known cure or vaccine yet available, the potential for a second wave means continued social distancing and adherence to the rules is key to ending the current crisis. In the meantime, scientists across the world are working on a large number of vaccine programs are showing great potential, so provided we follow the advice, especially when it comes from the likes of Carl Cox, this should all be behind us before too long.


Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK