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deadmau5 & The Neptunes enlist Carl Cox for a pumping ‘Pomegranate’ remix: Listen

Two months after deadmau5 and The Neptunes released the unexpected, but ever so funky, nu-disco track ‘Pomegranate’ back in May, the single has received the remix treatment from house royalty Carl Cox.

The remix, which is destined to be a staple of dance clubs and music festivals once they reopen, gives the acapella a healthy increase in tempo, and discards the funky bassline of the original, opting for a thick, sub-heavy, and aggressive foundation for the track. It also replaces the phaser-effected synths of the original with in-your-face and distorted synths, crafting a dark club atmosphere.

In a statement to publication Complex, Cox says:

“What an amazing opportunity to work with deadmau5 and The Neptunes… Who wouldn’t want to work with them! The original song is amazing—the arrangement, the drive, the bass line. Pharrell’s vocals are all fantastic which made remixing it quite difficult, but I knew my mix had to stand up on its own and I wanted to do something conceptual. I sped it up to 128 bpm to give it that techno feel—I really wanted that power of sound to create something for a festival or club sound system.”

Deadmau5 also commented on the remix:

“What can I say about Carl? He’s the master when it comes to commandeering a dance floor. It’s an honor to have a remix from him for this track.”

You definitely can’t argue with that, Cox knows how to produce a track tech enthusiasts love, and he has certainly lived up to that in this remix. Listen to the Carl Cox remix of ‘Pomegranate’ below:

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