Deadmau5 & The Neptunes release surreal music video for ‘Pomegranate’

Deadmau5 has finally unveiled the surreal new music video for his latest single ‘Pomegranate’, a collaboration with legendary musicians Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes.

When we heard the news of the collaboration between Pharell’s old R&B group The Neptunes and EDM heavyweight Deadmau5, we could only dream of the meticulous product we would receive in their latest single ‘Pomegranate’. The release is a true reflection of the pure versatility of each of the artists involved, with Deadmau5’s collaborative abilities on show once again. It appears the ideas don’t just stop at the music, however, as he recently uncovered new music video for the single, working with director Nick DenBoer to create something unsurprisingly unique to him.

Having worked with the Canadian producer on videos for ‘Monophobia’ and ‘Drama Free’ in the past, DenBoer can’t have been short of ideas to fit alongside the music; it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The animated clip sees Deadmau5 in a heated competition as he races other animal-headed creatures in a intergalactic car race. Starting alongside a beach, we discover some interesting characters as the race enters the sky before they all blast into space. The racers then enter a portal in which they enter a pomegranate-filled world before they are reduced to the size of bugs for an enticing end to the contest. ‘Pomegranate’ then plays out as Deadmau5’s car mysteriously grows legs and starts dancing as one should to their funky new single.

‘Pomegranate’ had been “kicking around” for 5 years before it was released back in May, and it is expected to make an appearance on Deadmau5’s upcoming album, his first in at least 4 years. As we hopefully await more news on that, be sure to check out the wondrous new music video for the dazzling Deadmau5 and The Neptunes collaboration ‘Pomegranate’ below!

Image Credit: deadmau5 & The Neptunes – Pomegranate (Official Music Video)

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