Disclosure, Aminé and slowthai release blood-pumping track, ‘My High’

English brothers Disclosure have teamed up with fellow Brit slowthai and American rapper Aminé for a high-octane hip-house mega collaboration sure to immediately increase your heart rate. The release marks the latest single from their forthcoming album ‘ENERGY’, and as the name implies, ‘My High’ certainly does not lack any intensity.

The track features the distorted vocals of slowthai and Aminé, a bouncy club-inspired bassline, and grimey percussive drums, helping to create the unique blood-pumping atmosphere.

Commenting on the release, they explained;

“Writing ‘My High’ with Aminé was a lot a fun, he’s hilarious and may as well be a comedian. He writes so quickly and it’s amazing to watch. He brought so much energy to this already very energetic tune that when we got home to London in January, there was only one guy capable of matching it… slowthai.”

The release was also accompanied by, what can only be described as, an insane music video. Directed by French filmmaker Simon Cahn, the video sees a man strapped to a stretcher be constantly (and comically) abused by the two rappers, and a plethora of strangers, for four and a half minutes.

We may also be fortunate enough to experience more hip-house crossovers on the duo’s upcoming album, with the brothers explaining in a statement;

“We always wanted to work with rappers, we just didn’t know any and we had no means of contacting them… there aren’t a lot of rappers in Reigate,” 

Whilst we await the release of ‘ENERGY’ on August 28, you can get your dose of energy (and a bit more) from Disclosure, Aminé, and slowthai’s ‘My High’. Experience both the track and the music video below.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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