Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson – Get your Wish (DJ Not Porter Robinson Remix)

On his birthday (July 15), Porter Robinson announced that plans for forthcoming album ‘Nurture’ would resume again, and announcements would shortly follow. The first announcement to come was the release of Anamanaguchi’s ‘Get your Wish’ remix, and now a brand new remix from DJ Not Porter Robinson (hmm, we wonder who that could possibly be?) has just been released as part of a remix package.

Playing it out in his Secret Sky digital festival set which got his entire fanbase and fellow producer friends extremely hyped up, the DJ Not Porter Robinson remix serves to be a hyped up version of the original track, suitable to play in big festival sets to get people moving. Wanting to stress that the remix isn’t by Porter himself (we totally believe him!), he tweeted out: ‘WARNING :: THIS REMIX IS ABSOLUTELY NOT BY PORTER ROBINSON’.

Whether it’s by Porter or not (but it definitely is), one thing is for certain: this remix is a brilliant banger! Adding onto the Anamanaguchi remix released just a few days ago, it’s uncertain yet as to whether more remixes will be added to the current two, but these two will definitely tide us over until we hear more releases from ‘Nurture’. A track titled ‘Look At The Sky’ is expected to drop next, with that being the ending track to his Secret Sky set. Until we get more news, the new remix (plus the Anamanaguchi remix) is more than enough! You can listen to it now on Spotify below.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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