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Eden Prince talks Axtone, ‘Memories’ EP and next steps: interview

One of Axtone’s latest success stories Eden Prince is blowing up in a big way. Capturing the attention of the likes of Axwell and BBC Radio 1, his sound is like a breath of fresh air to the electronic music industry and he’s starting to reach all corners of the world right now. To find out more about this exciting artist, we talked to him about his beginnings, his career and of course, how he got in contact with Axtone.

First of all, congratulations on all your recent success! How does it feel to be getting this amount of notice from these massive artists and labels? 

Thank you! It feels so good. This EP means a lot to me and to see people responding to it well and letting me know that they’re feeling it feels well worth the effort and love I put into making it.

Tell us about how you got into the music industry? When did you start learning how to produce and why? 

I started in music looking for games on a computer and coming across the music making program ‘Fruity Loops’. After figuring out how to use it I started making beats for my friends at school to sing, rap and dance to. Things naturally progressed from there and I decided to go to music college. There I fell in love with music production and I haven’t stopped since.

For those that aren’t familiar, how would you describe your music style to them? 

My style is very fluid and generally an extension of how or what I’m feeling or where I am in my life at the time, but the foundation of my music is definitely in house. I feel the most free within the limitations of that genre and the values, history and culture is very much in alignment with who I am.

The release of your ‘Memories’ EP has truly been a gamechanger for you! How did you get in contact with Axtone to release it and how did you know they were the right label for you?

Axtone has been one of my favourite labels for a long time. Axwell was a huge influence on my early music and so to finally be able to release my EP with them felt very natural and was a great moment.

Do you have any other plans in the works with Axtone for the future? 

Releasing the EP with Axtone has been a great experience and I would definitely be down to work with them more!

Talking about the EP itself, it feels like a breath of fresh air whilst also having hints of nostalgia with nods towards the old school type of sound. What influences have you drawn from and how have you worked that into your sound? 

Thank you! For this EP it was very important to me to create something that was authentic and rooted in house. I took a lot of time to re-discover the genre and its history and tracked its journey through the disco era, the 90s rave scene and where it’s at now. I read books, watched documentaries and listened to thousands of songs. The result is my own unique spin on some of the key moments of the genres history.

Since this is your first solo EP, how did you prepare for it? How was the creation process different from any other projects? 

After the research was done and it was time to start producing, I spent endless nights in the studio working on dozens of tracks. I then shortlisted the best ideas, combined some, reworked some and got them to the level where they are now!

From being on the cover of the Spotify ‘Mint’ playlist to having your tracks span on BBC Radio 1, it feels like all the opportunities are constantly rolling in now. Do you feel like the ‘Memories’ EP has elevated your career to new heights that you’ve never seen before? 

Definitely! Being played on Radio 1 has always been a dream of mine and to finally have it happen is an amazing feeling. Before the EP I was working on remixes for a long time, so it felt great to finally be making original music.

How will you follow up from ‘Memories’? Do you have more singles in the works that could be part of something bigger in the future? 

Theres a lot of music ready to go and in the works currently which will follow on from ‘Memories’ and I can’t wait to put out!

What else can we expect to see as your career continues to be on the rise? 

Much more original music!!

As we can see, there’s a lot to be excited about in the world of Eden Prince, and we can’t wait to follow his career closely as it develops! You can listen to the fantastic ‘Memories’ EP below as we wait for new music to be released.

Image Credit: Eden Prince (Press)

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