Elderbrook – My House

English grammy-nominated DJ and producer Alexander Kotz, better known as Elderbrook, has released his newest track called ‘My House‘, a track co-produced along with mega legends including R.E.MThe Killers and U2. This promising song is out now via Parlophone Records.

The London-based producer, who rose to fame back in 2017 when he dropped the legendary iconic tune ‘Cola‘ along his compatriot colleagues Camelphat, is growing at a gigantic pace. His evolution as an artist has been spotless and brilliant demonstrating his great abilities in the studio. As the majority of artists, this year has been weird for Elderbrook having to stay home and not making any shows at all. However, this also had its good parts. He stated the following about ‘My House:

“I wrote this in lockdown. I was in my cabin studio at the bottom of my garden and looked out and saw my house…when I started the song I thought it would be in the same context as ‘Our House’ by Crosby, Stills Nash and Young. All about how much I loved spending time in my house. When I started writing it, it took on a completely different meaning. 

The song focuses on how a lot of people, if not most, always want the next bigger, better thing. Never being happy with what they’ve got. The other side to the lyrics of this song is that a lot of people never stop acting like children; ‘my house is bigger than your house’ ‘I know you are but what am I’ and the whole ‘I want’ culture. Another theme running through is my own experience with childhood and not fitting in anywhere”

As we anticipated earlier this year when he released Numb, this will be one of the 12 songs that will compose his upcoming debut album that will be titled Why Do We Shake In The Cold?, which is expected to be released on September 4th. About his upcoming LP, Elderbrook said:

“This album is about people needing people and human interaction. The title plays on the idea that we shiver in the cold to let other people know that we need them close. That we show we are sad to let others know we need them. Sonically, the album brings my sound back to a more indie/alternative world than I’ve been in a while. Still taking my love of electronic music but mixing it together with music styles I started with and that I’ve always been inspired by.”

Listen to the newest track from Elderbrook ‘My House’ below:


Image Credit: Elderbrook (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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