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Gareth Emery releases eagerly-awaited album ‘The Lasers’: Listen

After announcing new album ‘The Lasers’ back in March of this year – March 18 on Twitter to be exact – fans of the British trance titan Gareth Emery have been more than excited for the album launch. Definitely one of the most anticipated dance music albums of the year so far, we all know that he can produce some absolute masterpieces and after releasing ‘You’ll Be OK’ from the album, everyone knew that this was going to be nothing short of true perfection and now it’s finally landed in our hands.

Landing to streaming platforms on July 10, it’s definitely brightened our month in an epic way. Consisting of ten tracks, he strayed away from the typical way of collaborating with numerous other artists and producers by producing and doing everything himself with no other names on the album. With it being 100% him, we get more of an insight as to who he is as an artist and how his creative mind works.

“The Lasers is my imaginary band that I wish I was a member of,’he says. ‘When I wrote the album, it felt like a band album. Then I started thinking, ‘If I was going to start a band now what would I call it?’ Most of my favorite bands have ‘The’ in their name, and I’m known for crazy laser shows. I almost told myself that it’s a new project, which allowed me to have a little bit more freedom because I could drop the expectation that comes with making albums under my own name. When it was finished I decided to put it under my own name but call it The Lasers.”

Where some tracks give us that uplifting vibe that we love and expect from trance music – and Gareth Emery’s style – others tell some deeply personal stories including the story of closing track ‘Elise’ which you can view more about here.

The Lasers‘ is out now and is truly one of his best bodies of works ever. Listen to it below via Spotify.

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