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Hardwell quietly shares hip-hop nostalgia mixtape on SoundCloud

Whenever Hardwell does anything in his career, it’s always huge. No matter what, his huge fanbase hype up every single release he creates and everything he does seems to be on a large scale, which is why this recent piece of news that has been discovered is surprising and interesting. Released to his personal Instagram page (in which only friends and family follow, as the page is on private), Hardwell stepped away from his signature sound to create a mixtape filled with pure hip-hop throwbacks.

Within the mixtape, you’ll find 89 tracks in a span of just under two hours to keep you dancing and entertained. From such classics as ‘The Next Episode’ to ‘Country Grammar’ and more, you’ll be singing along to every song and it makes for some great quarantine listening. Although some people may be surprised that this came from the dance superstar, those who know about his roots won’t be surprised at all. In the start of his career, he was focused on playing hip-hop and grew his career from there before branching out and finding the style we all know and love now.

The account that Hardwell uploaded the mixtape to (nostalgiathemixtape) has no other activity apart from the one upload currently, so we’ll keep a close eye on that account and watch for any new potential activity – or random mixtape drops! Stay tuned and keep up to date with our website for more news, and listen to the mixtape below.

Image Credit: Rukes.com 

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