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Carnage’s Heavyweight Records drop heavy bass with ‘Lockdown EP’: Listen

Heavyweight Records just dropped a hefty compilation EP entitled ‘Lockdown’. The ‘Lockdown’ EP features six thunderous tracks from breakout dubstep artists such as STEEZ, Elle, and Zoobstool.

The six-track EP was released from the Carnagefounded record label Heavyweight Records, which has prided themselves on showcasing up and coming talent from new producers. During the global COVID-19 crisis, the record label took to Twitch to live-stream a segment entitled ‘Demo Day’, where producers were able to submit their tracks for feedback. Of those who’ve submitted, the label decided to stick with their initial promise of helping new producers gain exposure, thus ‘Lockdown’ was born.

A few notable tracks on the EP include ‘Down’ by 2am and Elusion, which bring big bass to a whole new level. Also, ‘Hit A Lick’ (feat. BLUPILL) by Freaky and HAY!, features a catchy rap hook and melds together with hard-hitting bass.  Another favorite is ‘Indian Riddim’ by Fito Silva that uses a chopped vocal phrase with a simple, yet face-melting bassline. Other tracks like ‘To The Face’ (featuring Vandull) by STEEZ and ‘Block Huggaz’ by Zoobstool also come to conquer the airwaves. Keep an eye out for these rising artists, as I’m sure this won’t be the last time they rock the speakers.

Listen to Heavyweight Records ‘Lockdown’ EP below:

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