Oliver Heldens Ferrari

HI-LO – Zeus

Everybody loves a good DJ side project, and Oliver Heldens is no exception. Creating the alias HI-LO in 2015, he didn’t take long to confirm that it was indeed him behind the music, and it came hand in hand with the inception of his Heldeep Records label. Having a successful career as HI-LO next to his Oliver Heldens tracks, it quickly became a well-loved moniker and hasn’t dipped in popularity since. Exploring the darker sounds of his production abilities, fans can and will expect to hear a more ‘underground’ style and new track ‘Zeus’ shows that.

It’s been nearly a whole year since we’d heard new HI-LO music but ‘Zeus’ proves that it was well worth the wait. This has been a track that has been highly anticipated ever since he’d been teasing it. Playing it during his Room Service digital festival set on a boat two months ago amongst other sets, it’s finally available via mau5trap (deadmau5’s imprint). ‘Zeus’ is dark and extremely tech heavy, making this something completely different and showing us yet another side to his talents. HI-LO is the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s great to be opened to this side of Heldens. For sure a track that will get jammed into your brain, this is am instant party starter and is one that is bound to get the dance floor moving.

You can listen to ‘Zeus’ below on Spotify.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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