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Hot Since 82 releases first single ‘Eye of the Storm’ from upcoming album ‘Recovery’: Listen

British house music DJ and producer Hot Since 82 is finally back with some fresh music and interesting news. He just announced that his third album is set to drop in September on Knee Deep In Sound and that it’s going to be called ‘Recovery’. Next to that the first track of the album ‘Eye of The Storm’ has been unveiled. The whole Coronavirus pandemic has been a great opportunity for all the producers out there to lock themselves into the studios and work on their music without any other distractions. We are more than thrilled to hear what kind of masterpieces came out of this horrible situation.

After almost a year after releasing his long awaited, melodic LP ‘8-track’, Hot Since 82 is serving us some fresh beats. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ is a chilled, quite dark track, which features amazing, emotional vocals, delivered by London based singer and songwriter Liz Cass. It gives us a preview of the upcoming album and leaves us wanting for more. Here is what the artist says about the progress of the fresh release and the album:

“The track was written during this crazy pandemic and is about pain and survival. It’s a deep yet melodic stripped back take on my usual sound. Weirdly enough, ‘Recovery’ as the album title was spawned last year but now feels even more appropriate to these troubling times.”

‘Recovery’ which is set to drop this upcoming fall will be his most personal work up to date. Hot Since 82 promises his fans that they will be able to hear some more stripped-back music with attention taken away from the dance floor. Which seems to be the most appropriate thing to do in times like these. The DJ and producer tragically lost a close friend due to mental health issues in 2017. The album charts the period after his friend’s passing, and continues into the world going into lockdown, during the Coronavirus pandemic. It will be the third full length album delivered by Hot Since 82 and we are already looking forward to hear what the artist will deliver.

In the meantime make sure to check out his latest release ‘Eye Of The Storm’ to get the first taste of how the upcoming album will sound like.


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