NHS workers to get free Ibiza holiday for 2021

The National Health Service staff have been working tirelessly in health care looking after COVID-19 patients ever since the virus hit the UK. For months on end, they’ve been providing the best health care that they possibly can to try and save lives. To try and give back due to them having no breaks and working long shifts, the beautiful isle of Ibiza is looking to give back by offering NHS staff a free holiday.

Eligible for 2021, local authorities on the party isle have announced that they’re partnering up with the Together for Health Heroes initiative to treat NHS staff for all their work they’ve been doing to help and protect the general public. This is just one of the things that events, companies and more are doing to extend a big thank you. Looking to get at least 1,000 health care workers on trips to Ibiza for free next year, the stays will be offered for the months of April, May and October (all months which are great times to visit Ibiza for relaxation time). On top of this, there are many airlines that are already offering a 40% discount for NHS workers only, meaning that next year these health care workers can get the breaks and holidays they deserve.

Right now, Ibiza’s lack of tourism is causing a problem for the island, and with around 80 million visitors a year in Spain, they’ve took a massive hit. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the island, the rest of Spain, and all of us can get up and running once again. In the meantime, if you work for the NHS you can visit the Together for Health Heroes website here to find out more information (please note that the page will need to be translated) about your possible free holiday.


Image Credit: Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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